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Data Lifecycle Management with AFF Storage Systems

When NetApp first introduced the NetApp AFF A-Series systems, they offered various advantages that users couldn’t find anywhere else. The main advanta... Read More

How Tiering Inactive Data to the Cloud Helps the Media and Entertainment Industry

Today’s on-demand, visually driven culture is more plugged into the media and entertainment world than ever before. Technological advancements are off... Read More

Which Cloud Tiering Policy Is Right for Your Business?

NetApp’s new Cloud Tiering service, using ONTAP’s powerful FabricPool technology, provides a quick path to adopting a cloud strategy by allowing data ... Read More

AFF Vs. Azure Blob: Cost and Performance

To meet the challenges of exponential data growth, cloud storage is considered a cheaper alternative to on-premises storage boxes by many organization... Read More

How to Tier AFF Data to Amazon S3 with Cloud Tiering

Maintaining the balance between performance and cost is one of the major challenges faced by organizations when it comes to enterprise-level storage s... Read More

On-Prem Plus AWS?:
Using Amazon S3 in a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

When virtualization first started stepping into the data center, IT teams got a chance to leverage many benefits such as applications that were indepe... Read More

How to Tier AFF Data to Azure Blob

Managing the data lifecycle from when data is being actively used to the point where it moves to an archive state is one of the major challenges faced... Read More

Amazon S3 as AFF Capacity Storage: Costs and Performance Analysis

Exponential data growth is one of the major challenges faced by every organization today. Capacity management of on-premises storage becomes a bottlen... Read More

What is Azure Blob?

Cloud-based object storage offers a less-expensive option in the cloud for storing large quantities of unstructured data. Compared to traditional stor... Read More

Is Your AFF Storage at Max Capacity?

All-Flash storage systems like NetApp’s All Flash Fabric-Attached (AFF) storage offer on-premises storage with speed and efficiency levels that are mu... Read More