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Cloud Tiering for Heavy Industry: Cutting Costs for Major Manufacturers

As the age of industry 4.0 picks up its pace, success in big manufacturing depends on one crucial thing—the ability to collect and extract value from ... Read More

Cloud Tiering for Educational Institutions

Technology has completely reshaped consumer expectations in the last few decades, creating a world where services of every kind are expected to be ava... Read More

Comparing Storage Tiering Options on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Tiering is about finding the best storage option for data throughout its lifecycle. Not all data is always in active use and keeping it on a performan... Read More

NetApp AFF Models and Cloud Tiering: An Overview

NetApp has a variety of AFF models to suit the IT demands of companies that range from medium-sized business to large enterprises. With the recent add... Read More

Architecting GDPR- and HIPAA-Compliant Storage with AFFs and Cloud Tiering

Regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the US and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a... Read More

What Is Your Data Access Frequency?

Similar to the machines that powered the first Industrial Revolution during the 18th century, digitization of information is now powering the digital ... Read More

Monitoring and Forecasting Made Easy with SRMs

In our previous article on forecasting data growth, we mentioned how a good data management strategy translates into using IT resources efficiently. T... Read More

The Cloud Tiering Service Architecture: How We Get Cold Data from Your Data Center to the Cloud

NetApp’s new Cloud Tiering service is erasing the line between data centers and the cloud. By automatically moving cold data from All-Flash FAS (AFF) ... Read More

How Tiering Data Benefits Retailers

The retail industry is one of the most demanding verticals when it comes to storage. Maintaining customer-facing applications without downtime or data... Read More

Database Performance and Storage Savings: A Cloud Tiering Service Use Case

Relational databases are at the heart of many line of business applications and their optimal usage. That’s why their storage and performance needs re... Read More