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What is Azure Blob?

Cloud-based object storage offers a less-expensive option in the cloud for storing large quantities of unstructured data. Compared to traditional stor... Read More

Is Your AFF Storage at Max Capacity?

All-Flash storage systems like NetApp’s All Flash Fabric-Attached (AFF) storage offer on-premises storage with speed and efficiency levels that are mu... Read More

Reap the Benefits of Cloud Tiering

Not all data is created equal. In the IT world we typically differentiate between hot and cold data, where hot data is accessed frequently and require... Read More

Cloud Tiering: How On-Prem Data Centers Can Benefit from Moving Data to the Cloud

Companies using trusted NetApp Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) SSD drives or All-Flash FAS (AFF) arrays are generally happy with their on-prem data cent... Read More