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Azure NetApp Files: Performance So Good You’ll Think You’re On Premises

Editor's note: This blog, originally published in early 2019, has been updated with new (and improved!) performance data to reflect Azure NetApp Files... Read More

Everything is Cloud: Inside Your Data Fabric with CTO Jonsi Stefansson

On this edition of Inside Your Data Fabric, I had the pleasure of interviewing my long-time friend and colleague, Jonsi Stefansson, Chief Technology O... Read More

Hortonworks HDP 3.0 Certified on NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

Introduction NetApp has been working with Hortonworks for a number of years to deliver advanced solutions for big data analytics. NetApp offers indust... Read More

Standardize, Automate, Innovate – bridging on-premises and cloud storage

As useful as cloud technology can be, it’s a means not an end. As many enterprises have now discovered, simply moving legacy applications to the cloud... Read More

Optimize AWS EFS Performance with Provisioned Throughput

Like many of you, I heard the news of the new Provisioned Throughput offering in Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) and had my curiosity piqued. See Ama... Read More

Speed Up Your MySQL-Based Apps and Retain Customers With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

Will your customers wait for your application or webpages to load? Will they return to a slow website? Most customers won’t do either. Almost half the... Read More

Unlock True Data Mobility with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

From the birth of the   hybrid cloud concept, companies have dreamed of finally achieving the elusive free-flowing workload migration. Read More