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The Real Baseline Performance Story: NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

How can you get up to 4,500MiB/s of sequential reads or 470,000 random read IOPS with a single cloud volume? And up to 1,700MiB/s of sequential reads ... Read More

Windows Apps in the Cloud Giving You a Headache? Here’s the Cure

Migrating or deploying windows applications in cloud can be a nightmare. If you don’t map your existing services to the right resources in the cloud, ... Read More

Streamlining MySQL Deployment Using Cloud Volumes Service

MySQL is one of the most popular open-source database platforms used by cloud-native application developers. While major cloud service providers offer... Read More

Bolstering SaaS and Subscription-Based Models with Cloud Volumes Service

The -as-a-Service (*aaS) business model has created an environment where “good enough” is never enough; customers clamor for additional capabilities a... Read More

Make the Most of Home Directories With Cloud Volumes Service

A home directory is a directory on a multi-user file system that typically stores files specific to an individual user of that system. These home dire... Read More

NetApp Kubernetes Service:
Cloud-Agnostic Container Orchestration

We’re in the midst of a major shift away from monolithic data centers. As enterprises take on microservices in the cloud, the ease of creating and dep... Read More

Deep Learning and AI in the Cloud with NFS Storage

Though it may seem like a rapid technological development, deep learning didn’t happen overnight. Its foundations have been around since the 1940s, gr... Read More

AWS Lambda Integration with Cloud Volumes Service APIs

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS offers a fully managed file service for workloads hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and its capabilities are ... Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Oracle Databases in Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Cloud adoption among enterprises is unfolding rapidly, with many adopting a cloud-first strategy for new projects and migrating their existing systems... Read More

Fault Tolerance and High Availability in Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service provides persistent storage to build reliable, fault-tolerant and highly available systems in the cloud. These qualities ... Read More