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Deploy Your High Performance Compute Workloads on AWS Cloud

Are you looking to deploy HPC workloads like big data analytics in the cloud, with serious scalability, performance, and agility? Cloud agility accele... Read More

Become a Cloud Hero at Your Organization with Cloud Volumes Service

“Help!” Read More

Sharing NetApp Cloud Volumes Service Among AWS Accounts

Some things in life are so good they have to be shared. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service can be shared over NFS and SMB, but can you share Cloud Volumes S... Read More

Deploying Windows Applications Correctly and Securely on AWS

Migrating Microsoft Windows applications to the cloud is often a frustrating and expensive process. The failure and rollback rates for these projects ... Read More

Programming with Cloud Volumes Service APIs to Manage Performance, Protection, and Cost

One of the amazing things about the cloud is that it can be provisioned and managed entirely via software using application programming interfaces (AP... Read More

Genomics Data Puts NetApp and AWS to the Test

How long would it take you to run a query against 20 trillion data points? That’s not a rhetorical question. Can your NFS solution even do it? WuXi Ne... Read More

The Next Generation of NetApp Technology: NetApp Kubernetes Service, Build@Scale, Trident, and Cloud Volumes Service

People have been coming to NetApp for years to solve their data management needs, but with the growth of Kubernetes, NetApp has taken a new and innova... Read More

Avoid Premature Scale UP With Oracle And Cloud Volumes Service

As evidence of the significant performance capabilities of the Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, the following graph depicts one and two CVS volumes and ... Read More

Around the World in 80 Milliseconds

In 1873, French writer Jules Verne published his novel Around the World in Eighty Days (Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours), in which Englishman ... Read More

Hyper Fast, Feature Rich, Enterprise Ready Cloud Storage Cloud Volumes Service for AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Enterprises are moving to the cloud [or rather, are continuing to], and the Hyperscalers are hungry to have them. While some companies are being selec... Read More