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Using Amazon EKS with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service from AWS that deploys and manages the Kubernetes control plane, while enabling... Read More

Deploy NFS and SMB Cloud Volumes Using a GUI or API

Imagine a cloud infrastructure that’s ready to support your needs as soon as you deploy your file-level applications. At the click of a button, your s... Read More

How to Integrate Your DevOps Tools with Cloud Volumes Service

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is an enterprise-ready storage solution that helps cloud customers achieve on-premises storage service performan... Read More

Managing Databases on Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

As more enterprises adopt a cloud-first approach to their digital transformation journeys, performance has moved up on the agenda. Setting—and meeting... Read More

The Kubernetes Dilemma: NetApp Kubernetes Service or DIY in the Cloud?

Kubernetes is without a doubt the leading container orchestration platform available on the market today. As with any open-source solution, there are ... Read More

Get Guaranteed SLAs for Your Windows File Shares Workloads on AWS Cloud

Move your Windows applications to AWS with multiprotocol support, eliminating the need to refactor them. Deploy SMB based file shares and maintain con... Read More

Deploy Your High Performance Compute Workloads on AWS Cloud

Are you looking to deploy HPC workloads like big data analytics in the cloud, with serious scalability, performance, and agility? Cloud agility accele... Read More

Become a Cloud Hero at Your Organization with Cloud Volumes Service

“Help!” Read More

Sharing NetApp Cloud Volumes Service Among AWS Accounts

Some things in life are so good they have to be shared. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service can be shared over NFS and SMB, but can you share Cloud Volumes S... Read More

Deploying Windows Applications Correctly and Securely on AWS

Migrating Microsoft Windows applications to the cloud is often a frustrating and expensive process. The failure and rollback rates for these projects ... Read More