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Azure Storage Services Inside and Out

Storage is a popular cloud service and one of the strong points for making a migration. As storage is simple enough for customers to understand and af... Read More

Creating Data Redundant Sites with AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easier than ever to deploy workloads in the cloud, but having your workload on AWS doesn’t mean that you can stop w... Read More

Top 2 Strategies for AWS S3 Data Replication

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is one of the most popular services on AWS: A highly scalable, inexpensive, fast, reliable storage infrastru... Read More

Data Streaming for Analytics in a Hybrid Cloud Using Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a widely-spread scalable storage service that allows vendors to store data blocks structured in buckets i... Read More

One-Click SAP System Migration to the Cloud

Have you ever dreamed of quickly moving your dev/test SAP HANA system into the cloud? Fully automated with a one-click workflow? Without the hassle of... Read More

Cloud Sync: A Valuable Resource for Successful Cloud Migrations

Cloud migrations live and die by the transfer tools that are used to move data into the cloud. If your company is about to undergo the massive shift t... Read More

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Migrating Data to the Cloud

It’s finally happening: your company is moving to the cloud and you are responsible for getting it done. Read More

Synchronizing Data Transfers with Cloud Sync

To leverage Amazon S3’s full potential for Big Data analytics, data querying, and business intelligence, you need all of your on-premises and cloud-ba... Read More

5 Optimal Approaches for Your Hyper-V to AWS Migration Strategy

The project has passed its deadline. It is taking too long to migrate each Virtual Machine (VM). The customer is unhappy with such long service outage... Read More

What Is Azure Site Recovery and How Do You Use It?

Some of the biggest driving factors for companies today are fault tolerance and business continuity. Companies need to be able to recover from catastr... Read More