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How to Protect a Database in the Cloud: 7 Key Practices

Adapting to a cloud-centric infrastructure brings lots of benefits in terms of cost savings, quick setup and time savings, but there are new challenge... Read More

How to Create High Availability Systems in AWS to Reach RPO 0

Mission-critical systems require “five nines” of uptime, with strong guarantees on the durability of data storage. Read More

Using Azure Premium Storage for Enterprise Workloads

Large companies choose cloud-based enterprise-grade storage and data management systems for their workloads because they not only need to store their ... Read More

Azure Cloud Data Management with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Exponential data growth is no longer a myth, but a reality. Almost all enterprises are facing this challenge at some point or another in their infrast... Read More

Creating Data Redundant Sites with AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easier than ever to deploy workloads in the cloud, but having your workload on AWS doesn’t mean that you can stop w... Read More

Lowering Costs in the Cloud: Four DR Success Stories

NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP is specially designed to create a single organizational Data Fabric for seamless management of business-critical data acr... Read More

Lowering Disaster Recovery Costs by Tiering AWS EBS Data to Amazon S3

It’s the nightmare scenario of any IT department: Millions of customers around the world have no access to your site being hosted on a cloud service l... Read More

Lowering Costs on Disaster Recovery Plans for Enterprise Applications

A big appeal of the cloud is its safety. For companies with enterprise applications, the cloud offers a way to store data and run applications somewhe... Read More

Backup or Pay Up: How to Defeat Ransomware with Cloud Based DR

By now, we’re no longer surprised when we hear about new and vicious ransomware attacks. Back in the day, CryptoWall and TeslaCrypt were real shockers... Read More

What Is Azure Site Recovery and How Do You Use It?

Some of the biggest driving factors for companies today are fault tolerance and business continuity. Companies need to be able to recover from catastr... Read More