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Efficient Data Replication Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP and SnapMirror

If the cooling fails in your comms room right now, do you have a plan in place to ensure your infrastructure and applications will continue to operate... Read More

AWS EBS Volume Backup with EBS Snapshots

Imagine an application that requires 24x7 availability and can allow a maximum of 15 minutes of downtime. How would you back up a database hosted on A... Read More

The S3 Outage: Be Prepared For Unavoidable Cloud Failures

The cloud can always come crashing down. That was the case back in 2017 when AWS completely went offline for most users in the US. Would you be able t... Read More

One-click Disaster Recovery Solution on AWS

    Disasters are an inevitable evil that IT professionals wish they could hide from. Unfortunately for them, hurricanes and hackers won’t stop their ... Read More

3 Tips for Disaster Recovery Compliance

 Disaster recovery (DR) planning is no longer something businesses can afford to ignore. For a start, if a natural or manmade disaster strikes, compan... Read More

Reducing Application Downtime with Disaster Recovery Testing

 Disaster recovery (DR) planning was once considered a luxury, available only to companies with huge budgets. That’s no longer the case. Today, as dis... Read More