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Challenges in Monitoring for Compliance

In part 1 of this article, I reviewed how your monitoring strategy can (and must!) go hand-in-hand with you compliance strategy. However, like most as... Read More

Azure Cost Calculator:
The First Step to Saving on Azure

Understanding, monitoring and optimizing your costs on Azure can get complex fast, as you grow to use more managed services, more virtual machines, an... Read More

Why Monitoring Is Important for Compliance

Why monitor? Monitoring is the process of watching operations and making sure that they proceed as planned. Traditionally, with digital operations, mo... Read More

Migrating Physical Server to AWS: Now Free with AWS CloudEndure

When migrating to AWS, a common challenge is the need to migrate physical, non-virtualized servers to the Amazon environment. CloudEndure was a third-... Read More

NetApp: Making Cloud Impossibilities Possible

John Wrobel, Vice President of Cloud Data Services, Sales and Business Development, has been with NetApp for just over three years. He came on board w... Read More

Azure Hybrid Cloud:
Azure in Your Local Data Center

The Azure cloud provides extensive hybrid cloud management  functionality, which extends to your on-premise data center. These include migration tools... Read More

Cloud Tiering for Heavy Industry: Cutting Costs for Major Manufacturers

As the age of industry 4.0 picks up its pace, success in big manufacturing depends on one crucial thing—the ability to collect and extract value from ... Read More

Azure NetApp Files: HIPAA for SLED & FED

Big data is the future of healthcare, and the public cloud is one of healthcare's most significant enablers. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Pic... Read More

Google Cloud Storage Pricing: Get the Best Bang for Your Buckets

Google Cloud Storage is priced based on the data storage you consume, network usage and operations you perform on Google Cloud Storage objects, and sp... Read More

Azure TCO Calculator: How to Reduce Your Cloud Bill

When evaluating your usage of the Azure cloud, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is key to understanding the real cost... Read More