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Azure TCO Calculator: How to Reduce Your Cloud Bill

When evaluating your usage of the Azure cloud, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is key to understanding the real cost... Read More

Cloud Tiering for Educational Institutions

Technology has completely reshaped consumer expectations in the last few decades, creating a world where services of every kind are expected to be ava... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service Metered Billing: Control Your Cloud Storage Bill

One of the cloud’s greatest advantages is its flexibility: cloud storage allows you to continuously right-size the infrastructure to fit your needs. Y... Read More

Cloud Migration Approach: Rehost, Refactor or Replatform?

There are several mature, tested approaches to migrating workloads to the cloud. We’ll follow the five approaches in Gartner’s “5 Rs” cloud migration ... Read More

Here to Serve Australia with a New Cloud Volumes Region in Sydney

Customers are quickly consuming Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud file services, following the general availability announcement in November 2019... Read More

AWS GovCloud Services: Sensitive and Classified Data on the Public Cloud

AWS GovCloud is a special, highly secured Amazon region built for United States government agencies and companies that work with and support them. It ... Read More

Comparing Storage Tiering Options on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Tiering is about finding the best storage option for data throughout its lifecycle. Not all data is always in active use and keeping it on a performan... Read More

Big News: Azure NetApp Files is Now Ready for HIPAA

There’s big news for healthcare sector customers who want security and performance in the cloud: Patient data protected under the Health Insurance Por... Read More

Google Cloud Migration Tools: Copying 1GB or 500TB? Learn How

Like all cloud providers, Google Cloud has gone to great efforts to make it easy to migrate workloads to its public cloud platform. Google Cloud provi... Read More

Azure Migration Tools: One-Click Migration for VMs and Data

Microsoft Azure provides several technologies that can help ease, and in many cases fully automate, moving workloads to the Azure cloud. Azure migrati... Read More