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Azure Cost Management: Visualize, Predict and Optimize Your Azure Bill

Azure cost management is an important topic for anyone responsible for managing workloads in Azure. It is also the name of a free Azure service that h... Read More

What Is Your Data Access Frequency?

Similar to the machines that powered the first Industrial Revolution during the 18th century, digitization of information is now powering the digital ... Read More

AWS Cost Optimization: Concepts, Tools and Best Practices

Amazon Web Services provides a huge variety of services. Predicting and managing costs for large deployments can sometimes be overwhelming. Get a grip... Read More

Azure SQL Backup: SQL Database Backups Have Got Your Back

Azure SQL Database is a robust database service offered as part of Microsoft Azure. As part of the Azure backup architecture, Azure SQL Database has a... Read More

Monitoring and Forecasting Made Easy with SRMs

In our previous article on forecasting data growth, we mentioned how a good data management strategy translates into using IT resources efficiently. T... Read More

The Cloud Tiering Service Architecture: How We Get Cold Data from Your Data Center to the Cloud

NetApp’s new Cloud Tiering service is erasing the line between data centers and the cloud. By automatically moving cold data from All-Flash FAS (AFF) ... Read More

How to Become a DevOps Guru

Most software-powered organizations have seen the light when it comes to DevOps. It’s not a hard sell, as DevOps culture and best practices have prove... Read More

AWS Costs: 3 Ways to Save Big and 10 Price Variations to Watch Out For

As organizations move more applications and services to the cloud, and a sizable part of IT budgets are diverted to cloud providers, understanding you... Read More

Why Is Monitoring Modern IT Infrastructures So Hard? Part 1

Today’s IT is moving fast. We don’t have time to coddle our servers by tending to them in the time-consuming way that we used to or dig out a dozen fl... Read More

Why You Need Infrastructure as Code to do DevOps Properly

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is one of the key enablers of the DevOps revolution. Together with cloud automation technology, It provides the ability t... Read More