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Azure Disk Pricing: Understanding Your Options

Azure provides several types of managed disks, which are virtual storage attached to Azure virtual machines (VMs). If you have a large number of VMs, ... Read More

Meet Canada Data Sovereignty Requirements With ANF, Now in Canada!

We are happy to announce the availability of Azure NetApp Files in the Canada Central Region, enabling Canadian customers to deploy their file-based A... Read More

How Azure NetApp Files Supports HPC Workloads in Azure

With the advent of cloud services and VM SKUs that offer massive compute power, Azure has become the preferred destination for the deployment and migr... Read More

AWS NFS File Shares with Amazon EFS: 5 Key Considerations

Network File System (NFS) is a distributed file system protocol that lets users access files over a network similar to the way they access local stora... Read More

Azure SQL Pricing Simplified

Azure SQL is Azure’s Platform as a Service version of Microsoft SQL Server. It has a complex service model with 18 possible combinations of deployment... Read More

AWS Cloud Migration Services: Don’t Migrate Alone

Amazon Web Services has made huge investments in making it easier to move workloads to its public cloud. As part of this effort, Amazon offers a range... Read More

Busting 5 Cloud Migration Myths

In the Oxford dictionary, the first definition of “myth” involves supernatural beings. We’re not going there. The second definition is “a widely held ... Read More

Azure Storage Pricing: Blobs, Files, Tables and Managed Disks

Azure provides five main storage products: Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, Azure Table Storage, and Disk Storage. Each has a different pricing struct... Read More

AWS Backup: Centrally-Managed Backup for the Amazon Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by many organizations to backup on-premise and cloud-based resources. AWS Backup is a new Amazon service that centra... Read More

How to Manage Cloud Storage on Google Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes

As enterprise customers accelerate their adoption of public cloud, they increasingly demand high-performing, cloud storage. The demand is driven by th... Read More