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AWS EFS: Is It the Right Storage Solution for You?

Amazon EFS is an AWS file sharing service that lets you manage file shares, like those used on traditional networks, and mount them on cloud or on-pre... Read More

How To Resize a Google Cloud Persistent Disk Attached to a Linux Instance

If you’ve been using the public cloud you know that leveraging its managed services can bring you some incredible advantages. When using cloud storage... Read More

Azure vs Google Cloud: How They Compare

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the leaders in the cloud computing market. If you are considering migrating to Google Cloud  or Azure, or ... Read More

How to Add and Manage Lifecycle Rules in Google Cloud Storage Buckets

When it comes to cloud storage, knowing how to properly leverage and configure the different services you use can make a huge difference, both in your... Read More

AWS Storage Gateway: Connecting Your On-Premise Storage to the Amazon Cloud

Organizations that wish to combine their on-premise storage systems with cloud services must ensure that their storage is compatible with the cloud en... Read More

AWS Migration: Understanding the Process and Solving 5 Key Challenges

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides over 100 cloud computing services that allow you to set up dynamic, scalable, automated computing environments. Whe... Read More

AWS High Availability: Compute, SQL and Storage

In this article, we’ll explain the concept of high availability and how to measure availability for IT systems. We’ll show how AWS can help you achiev... Read More

Azure High Availability: Basic Concepts and a Checklist

High availability is a quality of computing infrastructure that is important for mission-critical systems. High availability permits the computing inf... Read More

How to Use the gsutil Command-Line Tool for Google Cloud Storage

Using an object storage service is often the primary choice in cloud computing. Its benefits, including ease of use and small operational overhead, ar... Read More

How to Switch Between Classes in Google Storage Service

Not all data are created equal. Some are more important than others, and others are so cold they’d never be in use. When it comes to data that is stor... Read More