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Cloud File Sharing Services: Amazon FSx

It’s been several years since AWS first provided users with a service for NFS workloads in the cloud with Amazon EFS. During that time, AWS users had ... Read More

Cloud File Sharing with Talon Fast™ and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Companies with distributed operations often suffer from highly localized and isolated silos of data. We can see from our global customers that about 8... Read More

Azure File Storage: Cloud File Sharing Over SMB

Azure Files offers a fully managed cloud share service providing access over SMB. As part of our cluster on cloud file sharing services, this blog wil... Read More

File Share Service Challenges in the Cloud

Important workloads such as media libraries and home directories rely on shared file access. But configuring an enterprise-level file share can be hig... Read More

Secure File Sharing in the Cloud

Cloud-based file sharing supports seamless collaboration and the free flow of information across enterprises. However, improperly secured file shares ... Read More

EFS Backup: Backing Up NFS Data in AWS

Keeping data properly backed up is a critical task when running your infrastructure in the cloud. While most AWS services that are used for data stora... Read More

Enterprise Data Security for Cloud File Sharing with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

It is vitally important to ensure that enterprise data security controls are in place to safeguard high-risk data, such as personal customer data, fin... Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Customer Case Studies: File Sharing in the Cloud

Cloud file sharing services and other cloud file services address one of the most important needs for enterprise companies today: the ability to share... Read More

Cloud File Sharing: How to Provision Kubernetes Persistent Volumes for NFS with Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Trident

The NFS (Network File System) protocol is widely used to share files in enterprise environments, allowing many users to access the same files at the s... Read More

Cloud Computing in Finance with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Case Studies and More

Driven by competition from born-in-the-cloud, innovative FinTech companies as well as by consumer demand for more efficient, customer-centric services... Read More