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Google Cloud Storage Pricing: Get the Best Bang for Your Buckets

Google Cloud Storage is priced based on the data storage you consume, network usage and operations you perform on Google Cloud Storage objects, and sp... Read More

Google Cloud Snapshots: How to Use Schedules to Back Up Persistent Disks

Anyone who’s ever worked with virtual machines (or cloud instances) understands the importance of safekeeping the information of persistent storage an... Read More

Google Cloud Migration Tools: Copying 1GB or 500TB? Learn How

Like all cloud providers, Google Cloud has gone to great efforts to make it easy to migrate workloads to its public cloud platform. Google Cloud provi... Read More

Google Hybrid Cloud: Using Google Cloud Anthos with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

In the first months of 2019, Google took the cloud world by surprise with the announcement of Google Anthos—a service that enables a holistic applicat... Read More

Google Cloud Compute Engine Snapshots: A How-To Guide

One of the first services people get acquainted with in Google Cloud Platform is Compute Engine. The service enables customers to deploy and manage Go... Read More

Google Cloud Website Hosting with Google Cloud Storage

In this day and age, hosting a website has never been so easy. Yet, with so many advanced and feature-rich services out there we often forget the simp... Read More

Google Cloud Pricing vs AWS: A Fair Comparison?

Google Cloud is the smallest of the big three cloud players but is quickly gaining popularity. When planning a Google Cloud migration, or considering ... Read More

Hybrid Deployment on Google Cloud: Meet Google Anthos

People and organizations across the world have embraced the cloud. One way or another, they are leveraging cloud services ranging from infrastructure-... Read More

Google Cloud Persistent Disk: How to Create a Virtual Image with Google Cloud Compute Engine

To truly benefit from the public cloud, it’s important to leverage the managed services and continuously explore the different features they provide. ... Read More

Google Cloud Snapshot: Data Backup and Restoration

Snapshots are a key data protection and data availability feature of many cloud computing platforms, including Google Cloud. Snapshots are a central p... Read More