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Standardize, Automate, Innovate – bridging on-premises and cloud storage

As useful as cloud technology can be, it’s a means not an end. As many enterprises have now discovered, simply moving legacy applications to the cloud... Read More

Planning for a Cloud Transition Out

The cloud is home to a growing number of companies looking to take advantage of scalable, on-demand resources. Read More

Automating Your Disk Backup and Data Archive Part 1: AWS Database Backup and Azure Database Backup

In today’s world of highly-available systems, automatic failover and disaster recovery, there’s still an important role for data backups to play in da... Read More

How to Protect a Database in the Cloud: 7 Key Practices

Adapting to a cloud-centric infrastructure brings lots of benefits in terms of cost savings, quick setup and time savings, but there are new challenge... Read More

Azure Use Cases with Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

Exponential data growth is no longer a myth, but a reality. Almost all enterprises are facing this challenge at some point or another in their infrast... Read More

Hybrid Cloud Storage Management with OnCommand Cloud Manager

In hybrid cloud environments, it is imperative that the management platform is versatile enough to handle data — no matter where it is stored. OnComma... Read More

How Software-Defined Storage Is Transforming Hybrid Cloud Architectures

With the advent of the cloud, traditional data centers and storage architectures have turned to software-defined architecture to provide features such... Read More

Interview with Phil Brotherton on NetApp's Cloud Adoption

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Hybrid Cloud, Data Fabric, IT

 Scott Lowe interviews Phil Brotherton of NetApp about the challenging move from traditional storage administration to hybrid cloud-based storage cons... Read More

Interview with NetApp's Lee Caswell on Cloud Evolution

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Hybrid Cloud, Data Fabric

  Scott Lowe interviews Lee Caswell, VP of the Product Solution Marketing at NetApp to discuss the future of the Hybrid Cloud model. Read More

The Five "Bes" of an Optimized AWS GovCloud Experience

Amazon Web Services GovCloud is a great enabler for government agencies and public sector bodies looking to adopt the cloud but still adhere to specif... Read More