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Azure Hybrid Cloud:
Azure in Your Local Data Center

The Azure cloud provides extensive hybrid cloud management  functionality, which extends to your on-premise data center. These include migration tools... Read More

Azure StorSimple EOL: Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Hybrid Cloud Management

This blog was updated on March 16, 2020. Read More

Google Hybrid Cloud: Using Google Cloud Anthos with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

In the first months of 2019, Google took the cloud world by surprise with the announcement of Google Anthos—a service that enables a holistic applicat... Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS Vs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

For enterprises that have large virtual data center platforms deployed on Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted on VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS has bec... Read More

Multicloud Deployment: Creating a Plan with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

A multicloud deployment needs to address the unique and often interdependent needs of three key layers: infrastructure, operations, and applications. ... Read More

AWS Storage Gateway: Setting Up an Installation with Amazon EC2

About a decade ago, with the coming of the first AWS offerings, companies slowly shifted their IT infrastructures from being hosted entirely on-prem, ... Read More

Hybrid Deployment on Google Cloud: Meet Google Anthos

People and organizations across the world have embraced the cloud. One way or another, they are leveraging cloud services ranging from infrastructure-... Read More

Talking About FlexCache on the Tech ONTAP Podcast

This week I was invited to join the Tech ONTAP Podcast to talk about a brand-new feature for Cloud Volumes ONTAP: FlexCache®. Read More

One Cloud Out of Many: Why Enterprises Are Turning to Multicloud Architectures and Hybrid Cloud Architectures

There are many motivations for evolving from an entirely on-prem infrastructure to a hybrid or multicloud architecture. From the very beginning of the... Read More

Standardize, Automate, Innovate – bridging on-premises and cloud storage

As useful as cloud technology can be, it’s a means not an end. As many enterprises have now discovered, simply moving legacy applications to the cloud... Read More