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EMR Clusters: How to Run Data Analytics on Cloud Volumes ONTAP Using Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a cost-effective and scalable Big Data analytics service on AWS. EMR clusters are extremely flexible: they can be deployed in just a few... Read More

Amazon EBS Performance Vs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Delivering higher levels of performance from cloud-based storage usually drives up the performance of the entire application stack, as business critic... Read More

How to Automate Storage Volume Provisioning with Ansible and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The fast-paced DevOps model has revolutionized how enterprises develop and release new products and services to their customers. But at a certain scal... Read More

Storage QoS in NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Your enterprise depends on its high-functioning applications running at peak performance. Delivering that level of service consistently can be a chall... Read More

Running EMR Clusters on AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Data analytics is an important part of business intelligence and Amazon EMR is one way AWS is making analytics easier to deploy. Amazon EMR gives user... Read More

Infrastructure as Code Deployment of Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Manager Using Terraform and Ansible

Enabling automation through an infrastructure-as-code approach is of great importance to organizations adopting DevOps practices. Environment provisio... Read More

Deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP and OpenShift Using Ansible

OpenShift and Ansible go hand-in-hand, empowering DevOps engineers not only to automate the deployment of Kubernetes clusters in on-premises, hybrid, ... Read More

Kubernetes for Developers: Overview, Insights, and Tips

Kubernetes took the development and cloud world by storm. In the few years since becoming public, Kubernetes is the most used container orchestrator, ... Read More

VDI in the Cloud: A Better Model for Sharing Company Resources

Imagine how much easier things could be if there was a way to securely access all of the apps and data of an entire company from any authorized comput... Read More

OpenShift Persistent Storage with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Red Hat’s OpenShift platform is an open-source, enterprise-grade Kubernetes environment that empowers developers and DevOps to each respectively focus... Read More