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  • Modernize-and-Analyze

    Modernize and Analyze

    Monitor resources across any environment and analyze how relationships between them impact each other​

  • Optimize-and-Control-Usage

    Optimize and Control Usage

    Control usage and optimize by identifying waste, increasing utilization and density of compute and storage

  • Prevent-Downtime

    Prevent Downtime

    Determine the available headroom to prevent infrastructure saturation and right size application resources to prevent performance problems

What is Cloud Insights?

NetApp Cloud Insights is a SaaS based monitoring tool that helps you quickly find performance problems and optimize usage of your workloads: any infrastructure, any application, in your own datacenter or in the cloud. It is easy to be up and running fast, giving you real-time data visualization of the availability, performance, and utilization of your entire IT infrastructure.

How Cloud Insights Helps You Optimize Your Hybrid Infrastructure

If you’re planning a transition to the cloud or already managing hybrid storage or compute resources, you’ll know how challenging it is to consistently monitor and analyze multi-vendor infrastructure and cross-platform applications. Cloud Insights helps by providing a consistent view of your environment to effectively manage headroom to minimize performance issues, and quickly triage and pinpoint the root cause of incidents to reduce mean time to resolution.

Cloud Insights allow you to:

  • Find problems faster and be a hero
  • Optimize usage to minimize and defer investment in infrastructure
  • Define and meet consistent SLOs and SLAs during and following your cloud transitions
  • Implement pro-active waste management to do more with your limited budget

Top 5 reasons to use Cloud Insights for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

How Does It Work?

Cloud Insights will quickly inventory what resources you have, discover interdependencies across them, and assemble a topology of your environment. This means that you have end-to-end visibility into what infrastructure resources are supporting which applications or business units, regardless of whether the resources are in the cloud or on premises.


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Editions & Pricing

Key Features
Free- with no additional charge for
NetApp Customers
Per MU , Per Month
For 1 Year Subscription
Billed Annually
Per MU , Per Month
For 1 Year Subscription
Billed Annually
Data Retention 7 Days 3 Months 13 Months*
Compute & Storage Metrics NetApp Only Multi-Vendor Multi-Vendor
Active IQ Integration
Custom, Real-time Dashboards
Cloud & Application Metrics
Full-stack Topology
Proactive Alerting
Kubernetes Topology
Custom Metrics
Data Warehouse & Custom Reporting*
Cloud Secure User Data Access Auditing
Cloud Secure Ransomware Detection
REST API for Integrations

*Available for environments of 500 managed units and larger

Pricing is based on the number of Managed Units (MUs) you wish to monitor.

An MU is defined as:

Compute: 1 Managed Unit = 2 hosts (virtual or physical)
Storage: 1 Managed Unit = 4 TiB of unformatted external capacity in a physical or virtual storage
(doesn't account for the compute local storage)

For example, if you have 100 hosts and 100 TiB of storage, you would purchase (100/2) + (100/4) = 75 MUs.