Cloud Advisor

Simplify your journey to the cloud and intelligently plan your migration.


Plan your strategy

Undertaking the journey to Cloud takes effort and a strategy. Become the data authority by utilizing Cloud Advisor's data science capabilities to improve your planning process and receive migration recommendations to accelerate your cloud consumption goals.

Don't wait to start, Cloud Advisor can begin analysis of your on-prem environment using call home ActiveIQ data to provide answers within minutes.

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* Currently Available for NetApp Customer Only


Accelerate with analytics

Cloud Advisor utilizes machine learning to automate workload identification and provide recommendations on Cloud Data Services you can use to achieve your cloud journey goals faster. Discover your footprint faster, and evolve into the Data Fabric.

  • Data driven application awareness - understand the data management recommendations for your apps moving to cloud
  • Rapid infrastructure awareness - easily filter by cloud migration triggers and workloads to understand your options
  • Simple, modern UI to enable discovery for a variety of roles - from management, to cloud architect and application owner
  • Inspire confidence - Build a strategy including grouping, costing, and migration duration

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* Currently Available for NetApp Customer Only

Launch Cloud Advisor

In order to launch Cloud Advisor, we require NetApp support credentials to allow access to ActiveIQ data.

Please follow the following instructions:

  1. We’ll sign you out of Cloud Central
  2. In the next step, click on “Log in at”
  3. Enter your NetApp support site credentials when prompted

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