ONTAP Cloud for GovCloud 

Extending Enterprise Storage To The Cloud



Cost-effective storage for Data Management, Business Continuity and DevOps

Amazon Web Services GovCloud (U.S.) is an ideal solution for safely hosting sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud. NetApp® ONTAP® Cloud for GovCloud offers enhanced benefits by leveraging superior data management capabilities.


About the Solution

The NetApp® ONTAP® Cloud for GovCloud (formerly Cloud ONTAP) is a software-only solution built on the NetApp® ONTAP® storage software platform, providing you with a superior universal storage solution that addresses your hybrid cloud needs, from the data center to the cloud. Having the same storage operating system in the cloud as you do on-premise brings you the true value of a data fabric without having to train your IT staff in storage management methods.

Flexible, cost effective cloud based data management. 

ONTAP Cloud is deployed and managed from OnCommand® Cloud Manager as a virtual machine on Amazon EC2 compute instances managing Amazon EBS storage, allowing customers to build a virtual storage solution directly on Amazon resources.

Key Benefits for your AWS GovCloud Storage Management:

 Leverage enterprise-class NetApp ONTAP® capabilities including storage efficiencies, rapid cloning and industry leading replication.


Reduced Storage Costs

Advanced storage efficiency to minimize cloud storage consumption through thin provisioning, data deduplication, and compression.

Data backup with NetApp Snapshot® Copies

Zero-impact NetApp Snapshot® copies, providing nearly instant point-in-time data backups, without taking additional storage resources or affecting your application performance.

Data Management

Application consistency on your Snapshot copies with the NetApp SnapManager® tools suite.

Data Security

Cloud ONTAP can manage encryption of your data by enabling you to maintain encryption keys offsite, thus giving you an additional level of protection.


The ability to provision both NAS and SAN storage for your application environment with CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI support.

Application Consistency

Ensure consistency of Snapshot copies via our SnapManager tool suite.

Optimized Data Backup

Fast and cost-efficient backups using data ONTAP snapshot copies.

Cloud Resource Efficiency

Built-in-data-deduplication, data compression, thin provisioning and cloning

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AWS GovCloud Use Cases Enterprise Applications:

Enterprise Applications

Delivering advanced data management for your mission-critical application requirements.


Database Management

Manage any type of database on AWS-with cost efficiency, automation and data protection.

Disaster Recovery

Create business continuity with advanced replication across regions.



Automate your development and test environments with increased performance and agility.

How to Buy:

  • ONTAP Cloud for GovCloud is only available for purchase from NetApp as a "Bring your own license" or BYOL, offering.
  • BYOL comes in both six-month and annual licenses
  • NetApp’s enterprise-class software support included (with U.S.-based support personnel)
  • Once the license is purchased, go to the AWS console, search for “ONTAP Cloud for GovCloud”, and launch it directly from the console.  

Included with your ONTAP Cloud for GovCloud Purchase

  Cloud ONTAP for GovCloud (BYOL) Cloud ONTAP High Availability for GovCloud (BYOL)
High Availability Support No Yes*
Multiprotocol (NAS and SAN) Yes Yes
Data Protection Disaster Recovery Yes Yes
FlexClone® Volumes Yes Yes
EBS Volume Types GP2 and Magnetic GP2 and Magnetic
Procurement  (License) NetApp NetApp
Solution  Capabilities

M3.XL, M3.2XL & M4.XL, M4.2XL:

  • Up to 368TB GP
  • Up to 46TB magnetic
  • AWS encryption   

R3.XL, R3.2XL:

  • Up to 368TB GP
  • Up to 46TB magnetic
  • NetApp encryption
  • AWS encryption

M4.XL, M4.2XL:

  • Up to 368TB GP
  • Up to 46TB magnetic
  • AWS encryption   

R3.XL, R3.2XL:

  • Up to 360TB GP
  • Up to 45TB magnetic
  • NetApp encryption
  • AWS encryption 

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