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Protect your data with actionable intelligence on insider threats.

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About Cloud Secure

Gain centralized visibility and control of user access to your critical corporate data stored on-premises or in the cloud

Replace tools and manual processes that fail to provide timely and accurate visibility into data access and control. Cloud Secure uniquely operates on both cloud and on-premises storage systems to give you real-time alerts of malicious user behavior.

Protect organizational data from being misused by malicious or compromised users

Alerts you to any abnormal data access through advanced machine learning and anomaly.

Ensure corporate compliance

Audit user data access in real-time and automatically update protection policies and permissions to restrict access.

How The Product Works


Analyze Entities Across Data Fabric

To accurately identify breaches, every user activity, across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, is captured and analyzed.


Form Communities

To understand risky user behavior, it’s important to identify the user’s true 'virtual' working communities. Cloud Secure forms communities of users based on common file access patterns and establishes a baseline of a community’s typical user.


Detect Anomalies & Take Action

Cloud Secure uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically uncover unusual data activity. It automatically updates protection policies and permissions to restrict access, stopping actual threats before they become breaches.

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