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Consolidate, collaborate, cut costs, and reduce risk.

Modernize distributed storage on your journey into a secure, scalable public cloud infrastructure while maintaining optimal end user performance.

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Modernize distributed storage with Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

Today, one of the biggest challenges that organizations face is the excessive growth of unstructured data and the inability to centrally manage those datasets efficiently. Because 80% of unstructured data resides across more than one location, organizations struggle to manage these “islands” of data. The result is an increasingly complex environment, which is costly for the IT team to manage. And this complexity makes companies worry about remaining compliant, efficiently performing audits, risks of data loss, and potential security breaches.

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Why Cloud Volumes Edge Cache?

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Edge Cache gives global users fast and secure access to centralized data by caching "active datasets" in distributed offices globally. Anywhere, anytime, no matter where your workforce is located, your data is protected and available to your users with industry-leading performance.

IT challenges

Business challenges


Managing “Islands of Data” in branch offices


Poor performance accessing data


Excessive data growth and duplication of data


Unable to collaborate efficiently


Inefficient usage of server and storage resources


Data integrity issues


Local storage, data replication and backups cause poor recovery times


Conflicting file versions, resulting in data loss


Complex IT Management


Poor business productivity

The solution: Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

  • ic-migration-4Consolidate and centralize your data into the public cloud and leverage the scalability and performance from enterprise-grade storage solutions.
  • ic-resources-specsCreate a single set of data for users globally and leverage intelligent file caching to improve global data access, collaboration and performance.
  • ic-dataRely on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, and eliminate full data copies and backups. Utilize local file caching for active data and cut storage costs.
  • security-blackTransparent access from branch locations through a global namespace with real time central file locking.

Key use cases


Distributed Storage Consolidation

Leverage the cloud for a single enterprise data footprint for all users, simplify data management and improve business continuity.


Global Data Access & Collaboration

Enable a “Single Set of Data” for users globally to leverage virtual teams and increase their productivity for team and collaborative workflows.


  • Leverage the Cloud

    Deploy Cloud Volumes Edge Cache to keep even the most demanding data sets safe and scalable in NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP® platform.

  • End-to-end security

    Seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory and data access control through ACLs and NTFS permissions along with data encryption at-rest and in-flight.

  • Cost savings

    Shrink distributed storage footprint and slash operations overhead even as the business scales, while protecting current investments in applications, systems and workflows.

  • Operational simplicity

    Zero touch management through a self-sustaining, self-managing cache at the edge and a consolidated and centralized storage environment at the core in the public cloud.

  • Transparent integration

    By accessing data and collaborating in real-time, users will feel as if they’re all working in the same office, anywhere in the world, regardless of bandwidth, latency, and distance.

  • Data protection

    Don’t rely on distributed backup processes…which don’t always work. Reduce your risk with unlimited, always-on backup of your data at the source.

  • High performance

    Accelerated data access as active data is cached locally in your office together with efficient data transfer over WAN through compression / streaming and delta differencing.