NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
for AWS Outposts

Bring enterprise-grade file storage to the on-premises public cloud.

On premises hybrid AWS cloud experience

AWS Outposts qualifies NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP to bring the public cloud home. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
 for AWS Outposts combines NetApp industry-leading file storage services and AWS industry-leading cloud
 infrastructure for workloads that require on-premises performance and availability.

Run Services, Process, and Store Data on Premises

NetApp has the only qualified block and file storage for AWS Outposts servicing Windows and Linux workloads. With both NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Spot Ocean qualified for AWS Outposts installations, your applications and cloud infrastructures reap the rewards of: improved performance, increased agility, and simplified infrastructure to reduce costs. AWS Outposts allow you to extend your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud while running AWS services on-premises using the same AWS APIs and security controls, just as in the cloud.


Fully Managed Infrastructure

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service delivered by AWS and can utilize the enterprise-grade file storage services with NetApp’s industry leading ONTAP technology. This service can extend AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility for a ubiquitous hybrid cloud experience.

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Industry use cases

Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS Outposts can address low latency application needs and local data processing
requirements across a broad range of workloads.

Group 64


Mission-critical databases require minimal delay in writing and retrieving data and must have durable, available, and scalable storage needs.


Financial Services

Execute banking, payments processing, and risk management services at low latency from in-country locations to meet data locality requirements.

Group 49


Retrieve medical info rapidly while applying analytics and machine learning for health management systems requiring low latency on premises.


High Performance Computing

Process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data with a lightning-fast file service and highly reliable storage solution.


Manufacturing Automation

Run manufacturing such as MES and SCADA systems that need to run close to factory floor equipment while integrating with on-premises applications.

Group 56

Media & Entertainment

Access GPU innovations on premises for graphics processing, audio and video rendering, for real-time streaming applications that require low latency.

Group 54


Enable retail innovations such as connected store experiences, run point-of-sale systems to process in-person transactions locally.

Group 67


Use Cloud Volumes ONTAP to update, orchestrate, scale, and manage Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) lifecycles across cloud, on premises, and edge.


Windows File Shares

Achieve scalable, highly available, high performance SMB shares with snapshots and full integration with Active Directory (standard and AWS managed).


Getting started with AWS Outposts

Outposts are connected to your nearest AWS Region providing the same management and control plane services on premises. Your Outposts infrastructure and AWS services are managed, monitored, and updated by AWS just like in the cloud.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Spot Ocean are tightly integrated into AWS Outposts, offering organizations the performance and optimization needed to dramatically improve the most intensive on premises workloads—for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

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