Cold storage and archive

Simple and Secure Storage For Infrequently Accessed Data


Data growth continues unchecked, yet much of that data is infrequently accessed

Today’s organizations are retaining and storing more data that ever before—between government regulations, legal requirements, audit compliance, as well as the growth of smart and mobile products and the increased use of rich media, data volumes are vastly increasing. Yes the majority of this data is cold: very infrequently accessed or changed, and often consists of files such as audio recordings, medical images, completed projects, or legal documents. Today, this data sits on tape, which is inexpensive, but difficult to maintain or retrieve data, or on tier 1 filers where it slows down production and data protection systems.


AltaVault offers a secure way to store long-term archive in the cloud

Many organizations wish to store this cold archive data in the cloud, but they soon find themselves daunted by the barriers associated with the cloud. AltaVault  helps companies overcome these challenges by offering a seamless, secure, and efficient path to the public or private cloud. To assist companies in best utilizing the cloud scale, durability, and cost efficiencies of elastic storage, AltaVault can be configured in cold storage mode. In cold storage mode, which is optimized for infrequently accessed data, or archives, the AltaVault appliance uses the local cache for metadata only, increasing the scalability of the solution by more than 5x. This results in minimal management and operational costs for cold data, while also allowing for fast and simple access to data when needed.