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Cassandra NoSQL Databases

Optimizing data costs for a cloud-based NoSQL database workload

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Growing Scale and Cost Demands

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database that is open-source, massively scalable, and highly performant. It can be a critical part to DevOps workflows in enterprise environments, but with all that scalability and the rapid pace of development, Cassandra storage usage can rapidly grow, creating challenges both in terms of cost and in operational performance. Challenges can also crop up in the form of cloning requirements for the DevOps process, which require copies of the database to be available for analytics and tests while the main production copy is still in use, all while ensuring uptime.


Flexible Data Management Features

Deploying the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database on NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP lets you scale easily, while maintaining peak Cassandra performance, uptime, and reducing Cassandra storage costs by as much as 70%.


How it Works

Create a Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployment

Install and configure an Apache Cassandra cluster

Provision the Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage for your database

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Scale Easily

Add capacity with ease across clusters and in hybrid and multicloud deployments.

Meet Cassandra scalability demands without limitations.



Instantly spin zero-capacity data clones of Cassandra databases with NetApp FlexClone® data cloning technology.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP tiers data automatically between block and object storage, keeping data stored in the most optimal tier based on its usage.

Storage efficiencies including thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression drastically reduce the overall storage usage and the associated storage costs.



Run analytics jobs on unlimited clone volumes without impacting the performance of the main production Cassandra database.

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Always-on AI-driven privacy controls and reporting to meet strict security and compliance demands.




Get Block and File Storage for the price of Object Storage

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