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Store and manage large volumes of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

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Large Quantities of Diverse Data

Implementing eDiscovery in the cloud helps law firms or other organizations that practice eDiscovery address the growing complexity of virtualized data. At the same time, electronically-stored information must be governed to comply with certain laws and regulations that mandate ESI be preserved, highly available, and protected, even when lying dormant for extended periods. That can require substantial storage resources and costs.


Optimizing Native Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) gives eDiscovery and electronically-stored information more benefits in the cloud. By adding a feature-rich data management layer on top of cloud-native storage resources, ESI can easily be made highly durable and available with out-of-the-box data protection services. Cloud Volumes ONTAP allows data to be intelligently managed with reduced costs of the underlying cloud storage and storage efficiency features such as thin provisioning, deduplication, compression and data tiering.


We have so many files in these folders and directories—all types of
loose data that includes PDFs, TIFFs, Word documents, scanned
images, court transcripts, etc. Storage systems couldn’t handle it, 
and we had lots of problems. But with NetApp, we’ve never had
any issues with throwing all that data at the storage.

Richard Tayman. CIO and Director of IT for the Environment
and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice

How it Works

Deploy CVO on the cloud of your choice

Create data volumes to 
host ESI

Mount data volumes to eDiscovery applications

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With compression, compaction, thin provisioning and deduplications, Cloud Volumes ONTAP ensures smaller ESI footprint as well automated storage tiering of dormant ESI to cheaper object storage.



Drag-and-drop ONTAP volumes to the cloud, create a cloud cache and instantly clone volumes for eDiscovery jobs
NAS-based file shares in the cloud with dual-protocol support for NFS and SMB.



High availability to prevent data loss (RPO=0) and quick failover and failback (RTO<60 seconds)

Unique highly efficient snapshots and efficient replication for disaster recovery purposes.




Get Block and File Storage for the price of Object Storage

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