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Enterprise-grade, unified file sharing in the cloud

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Getting Everything Just Right Can Be Hard

One of the most important needs of enterprises today is the ability to provide secure file-level access and file sharing services to users without disruption, at scale, and to different clients and protocols while ensuring constant data protection and cost efficiency. But cloud file sharing is about more than just affordable, scalable storage, and meeting the many requirements of running file shares in the cloud can be challenging.


But It Just Got Easier

By adding a rich set of features to the already elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure, Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) enhances the use of cloud storage resources, delivering consistent, uninterrupted multi-protocol file sharing across the entire organization. CVO also offers built-in enterprise data management services, cloud data protection, security, and cost efficiency.


Another feature which gets a lot of attention in our environment is the File Services Solutions in the cloud, because it's a completely, fully-managed service. We don't have to take care of any updates, upgrades, or configurations. We're just using it, deploying volumes and using them. We see that as the future of storage services: completely managed.

Christian Gruetzner, Storage Services Architect, All for One Steeb AG

How it Works

Create a shared data volume for NFS, SMB or both

Mount data volumes to clients

Create and migrate files to volumes

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Built in storage efficiencies that drastically reduce your data footprint and associated storage costs.



Zero-capacity snapshots that remove the complexity of protecting data against any failure and enabling instant recovery.

Continuous access to data even in the event of infrastructure failures and upgrades, with zero data loss.


Unified Platform

Unified access to data using multiple versions of NFS and SMB from both Linux and Windows hosts.



Users can easily perform recovery operation on their data independently saving time and resources.



Get Block and File Storage for the price of Object Storage

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