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Take advantage of cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service to supercharge your virtual workstations.

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Soaring cloud costs

Desktop-as-a-Service enables taking advantage of public cloud offerings, such as economics, scalability and security to reduce TCO and unburdens some cumbersome infrastructure management tasks. However, monitoring and controlling the underlying cloud resources used is can be challenging causing limited visibility that may lead to irregular expenses.


Complete visibility and complementary efficiencies

Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) can reduce the complexity and costs involved with running a desktop-as-a-service. Gain better awareness and optimized management of the native cloud resource utilized by the virtual desktop environment of your choice while leveraging enterprise-grade storage and data efficiency features—such as thin provisioning, deduplication, compression and data tiering—to reduce your cloud storage footprint and associated costs.

How it works


  • 1

    Deploy CVO on the cloud of your choice

  • 2

    Create data volumes to host VDI related data

  • 3

    Mount data volumes to virtual machines

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    Reduced storage footprint with enterprise-grade efficiency features and data tiering

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    Multi-protocol shared storage

    Simple plug and play unified data access with SMB and NFS

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    Continuous access

    Dual-node configuration to prevent data loss (RPO=0) and quick and seamless recovery (RTO<60 seconds)

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    Zero impact snapshots and efficient disaster recovery copies for reliable failover and failback


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