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Persistent data for enterprise Kubernetes workloads

Automatically provision and manage persistent volumes for enterprise Kubernetes data environments across any cloud infrastructure.

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DevOps bottleneck

With the rise of stateful containers in the enterprise IT landscape, there is a growing need to provision and maintain persistent storage for multiple Kubernetes clusters. Without the right tools, this can take days to weeks, creating a DevOps bottleneck.


Fast and secure data that follows your apps

Cloud Volumes ONTAP automatically responds to persistent volume claims and efficiently distributes data by copying and retaining only a subset of the requested data. This keeps data closer to the compute or user resource that needs it, eliminating WAN latencies and allowing data access to accelerate in enterprise Kubernetes deployments.

How it works


  • 1

    Deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Trident on any cloud

  • 2

    Create persistent volume claims

  • 3

    Mount volumes to application pods


  • Azure

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  • protection


    No single point of failure for your data. Enhanced availability to achieve guaranteed SLAs.

  • cost


    No need to worry about containers over-consuming cloud resources.

  • performance


    Eliminate manual processes with an automated setup of multiple copies of data with zero management.

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    Bring data closer to users to increase Kubernetes performance

    Provision Kubernetes persistent storage for your clusters in minutes instead of weeks

    Instantly duplicate and tear down test/dev data environments.


Get block and file storage for the price of object storage.

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