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Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO)

Efficiently bringing data closer to where it is needed

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Latency of remote access to enterprise data

Data is everywhere, compute is everywhere, and users are everywhere, but a single file can only live in once place at a time for read-write access. The traditional approach to solving that challenge was to create replicas of the data or leave it as is causing other challenges such as huge amount of storage, operational complexity, access latency, and massive bandwidth consumption.


Required data is cached locally

Enabling efficient distribution of data by copying and retaining only the subset of the data that is requested, closer to the compute or user resource that needs it. Eliminating the WAN latencies allow those resources to accelerate data access, while the cached data copies are writeable, and changes are reflected back to the origin.

How it works


  • 1

    Mount cached volumes to clients

  • 2

    Create volumes to host SQL Server data

  • 3

    Access data at remote locations with low latency

  • cost


    Reduced storage footprint with sparsely populated volumes storing a fraction of the original dataset.

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    Eliminate manual processes with an automated setup of multiple copies of data with zero management.

  • performance


    Highly efficient low latency data distribution from core to anywhere and accelerate data access.


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