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Give your SaaS applications the infrastructure they deserve – always available, always fast and at a lower cost.

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Your SaaS application. Run right by NetApp

Gain reliability, cost reduction and better performance for your SaaS app by using NetApp.


Boost performance

Accelerating your application performance improves end user experience. Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s FlashCache feature allows intelligent data caching on dedicated NVMe storage which boosts the response time without burdening the underlying disks.


Increase your SLA

Common downfalls like disk failures, instance failures, network failures and availability zone failures will inevitably cause downtime and reduce the SLA of your service. With high availability storage, continuous operation is seamless. A redundant storage environment ensures that if one of the servers crashes, the workload is always available without requiring administrative intervention.


Accelerate your SaaS ROI

By leveraging NetApp’s powerful data management capabilities and storage efficiencies, you can provide value-added services at lower costs accelerating the return on your SaaS investment.


Data privacy compliant

With built in support for detecting sensitive data stored by your SaaS applications using artificial intelligence, Cloud Volumes ONTAP helps you meet the requirements of GDPR, CCPA and other regulations.