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Meeting enterprise requirements for SQL databases.

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Meeting enterprise requirements

Enterprises rely on SQL databases for their business-critical applications in the cloud. Although these databases can be consumed as a service (DBaaS), IT teams can get better control and flexibility over features and security by running a SQL database in the cloud on virtual machines or containers. This can considerably lower on-prem costs, however, there’s a catch: running a SQL database in the cloud means additional time-consuming data management tasks such as provisioning storage, snapshots, backup, and DR. This can add a high degree of complexity when it comes to strict enterprise requirements.


Enterprise-grade data management

Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) lets you provision enterprise-grade cloud storage for SQL databases in the cloud with built-in data protection, security and compliance features that save you time, complexity and costs. With industry leading enterprise storage features layered on top of native cloud resources, Cloud Volumes ONTAP gives you enhanced performance for your SQL databases and automated tools for ensuring you meet your RTO and RPO requirements.

How it works


  • 1

    Create volumes to host SQL data

  • 2

    Mount volumes to SQL

  • 3

    Create and migrate databases to volumes


  • Azure

  • AWS

  • Google Cloud

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    Fast and efficient data protection

    Out-of-the-box High Availability architecture Application-aware space saving snapshots and volume cloning.

    Simple data replication for migration, backup or cross region DR copy.

    Built-in backup to object storage.

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    Storage efficiencies that drastically reduce data footprint and associated storage costs.

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    Hybrid multi-cloud consistency

    Rapid “lift and shift” for database data without any rearchitecting required.

    Same capabilities across on-premises and different cloud environments.

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    Instant, non-disruptive data cloning for creating testing environments out of production data.

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    Always-on AI-driven privacy controls and reporting to meet strict security and compliance demands.

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    Supports block and file volumes using iSCSI, NFS and SMB/CIFS protocols.

    Support of SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances (FCI) in shared disks.


Get block and file storage for the price of object storage.

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