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Deploy a Production-Ready Kubernetes Cluster in Only 3 Clicks

When building new things on the public clouds, it’s all about microservices. Public clouds come in and save developers time and money. Those savings can be used to invest in more developers and more product managers. So what stops developers from building microservices? Releasing on all the clouds is a major hassle and huge time sync for developers. What developers really need:

  • Build multiple services on multiple code lines
  • Build and deploy the stuff fast and run it as a service
  • Build and deploy for clouds … plural, not just one
  • Build microservices and deploy and maintain Kubernetes-based clusters on the clouds (plural)

Teams are burning too many cycles deploying services to multiple clouds and putting together release strategies for each cloud independently of one another. When deploying on clouds, it’s a Kubernetes thing. Kubernetes is the clear winner for cloud deployment of microservices.

Enter NetApp Kubernetes Service, a SaaS-based platform for deploying, managing and upgrading Kubernetes clusters on the public clouds. One-stop shop for the whole deployment, management and upgrade processes, delivered as a service! End-result? Developers are happy and more productive. Want to move faster too? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the industry’s first complete Kubernetes platform for multicloud deployments.

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    Speaker: Ariel Jatib

    Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp Kubernetes Service

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