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Leveraging the Google Cloud to Modernize the Distributed Windows Ecosystem

  • Robert Cox
    Robert Cox

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp

  • Foley Talon Headshot2
    Charles Foley

    Sr. Director of Marketing, joining NetApp as a result acquisition of Talon Storage where he served as Sr. Vice President

  • david_white-landscape-edit
    David White

    Solution Manager, Infrastructure Modernization, Google Cloud

Windows distributed file servers can be found all around your distributed enterprise - and they represent one of the highest ROI workloads to move to Google Cloud. Considered by most of your peers to be ‘a necessary evil’, inherently these distributed file servers are costly, high-risk, and time-consuming (i.e. you need them to support your users, but you wish you didn’t…). NetApp’s Cloud Volumes in GCP with Global File Cache changes that.  Come and learn how to:

  • Leverage GCP to consolidate distributed islands of data into a single cloud footprint – and save up to 70% of your storage management costs
  • Remove distributed backup/management/compliance headaches from your life, without requiring any change to your users’ application, workflow, or daily experience
  • Drive your enterprises audit/compliance profile as you use GCP-consolidated storage to slash risk of data loss, breach, and compliance issues
  • Gain insight into analyst-published ROI methodology that makes this a 'must have' initiative that’s easily justified with your executive team

Join us to learn how you can collapse all of your distributed file servers into a single GCP footprint, and let the cloud be your company's file server. No sacrificing performance, security, or collaboration - just a single set of data that lets any/everyone across the enterprise work from the same data, as if they were all in the same location.

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