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Get a First Look at Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud

  • Oren-Inbar
    Speaker: Oren Inbar

    Product Manager,
    NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • oded-berman-netapp
    Host: Oded Berman

    Product Marketing,
    NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp’s flagship data management platform is coming to Google Cloud. Find out all about it in this free live webinar.

Watch our webinar to see how Cloud Volumes ONTAP can help Google Cloud users cut down storage consumption and costs, protect their data, and recover from potential outages and failures without impacting their businesses.

With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Google Cloud users get:

  • Instant, space-efficient snapshots.
  • SnapMirror® replication for DR and backup.
  • Data deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning storage efficiencies.
  • Automatic tiering between Google Persistent Disk and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Zero-capacity data clone creation.
  • Programmatic control over storage via API calls

Watch the webinar now to find out more.

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