On-Demand Webinar

Higher Education Comes to the Cloud

Find out how the cloud is reshaping the education landscape with NetApp

Today, the public cloud’s on-demand infrastructure and services are making it possible for institutions of higher learning to do more than ever: secure management of huge volumes of data, dynamic collaboration among students and faculty no matter where they’re located, frictionless data accessibility across multiple devices, and robust analytics platforms for research programs. 

Watch our on-demand "Higher Education Do More with The Cloud" webinar to learn how NetApp technology, including Cloud Volumes ONTAP, is helping leading institutes of higher learning around the globe to cost-effectively accelerate their data storage management solutions on AWS or Azure with:

  • High-performance, secure NFS/CIFS file sharing
  • Low-latency. low-storage snapshots for data protection
  • Fast, incremental data replication for backups and disaster recovery
  • Single-pane data storage management oversight and control

Whether your institution is just starting to think of a move to the cloud or if you’re dealing with a complex cloud architecture, let us show you how to reduce your data storage costs while creating a seamless ecosystem for your higher education workloads. 

Watch the Webinar