NetApp INSIGHT 2020 cloud resource center


In these unprecedented times, NetApp INSIGHT 2020 was an unprecedented event. All the biggest names in cloud—Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, IBM—showed up to share their story of partnership with NetApp. To share how NetApp helps their customers unlock the best of cloud. Here’s a quick summary of some of the special cloud offers you heard about during the event.


Spot by NetApp

Sign up for a free trial and start cutting your cloud compute costs today.


Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Enjoy a free trial and start optimizing your storage across public clouds and your data center.


Azure NetApp Files

Sign up for one of the fastest growing services in Azure. Enjoy fully managed, high performance file storage service for your core business applications.

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Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Take the first step to moving enterprise workloads to Google Cloud. Enjoy 25TB of file storage at no charge.

CVS_logo ic-aws

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Move your mission-critical workloads and applications to AWS and manage them with ease.


Project Astra Beta

Sign up for the Project Astra Beta, a Kubernetes application data lifecycle management service that simplifies operations for stateful applications on Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and your data center.


Virtual Desktop Service

Enjoy free access to a sandbox account for NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Service where you can instantly provision and deploy VDS for up to fifty Windows Virtual Desktop users for thirty days in either Azure or Google Cloud.


Cloud Manager

Take advantage of a free trial of Cloud Manager—your centralized control plane to manage, monitor and automate data in hybrid-cloud environments.


Cloud Insights

Start monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing all your cloud storage resources including your public clouds and data centers.


Cloud Compliance

Scan data for privacy concerns on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud with a free 1TB trial for Amazon S3 buckets, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and Azure NetApp Files.


Cloud Tiering

Meet your data growth requirements. Maintain your current data center footprint.


Cloud Backup Service

Cloud Backup Service delivers seamless and cost-effective backup and restore capabilities for protecting and archiving Cloud and On-Premises data. An integral part of Cloud Manager Volumes Platform.