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Kubernetes Multi-cloud Data Management

Cloud Volumes ONTAP addresses the challenges of managing and protecting enterprise Kubernetes data environments across any cloud infrastructure

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Don't let your stateful containers slow you down!

What happens to your data when you move or delete containers?

In this Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey storage was presented as the biggest challenge when deploying containers.

Will your data always be available when you need it?

The rise in databases shown in this Docker Usage Report signals growth in stateful containers. And stateful containers need data management and data protection.

Kubernetes makes your applications agile.
But what about your data?

Provisioning persistent storage for multiple Kubernetes clusters can  take days to weeks creating a DevOps bottleneck.

NFS and iSCSI Persistent Storage for your Stateful Containers

Cloud Volumes ONTAP simplifies the management of persistent data for Kubernetes clusters with
single-pane-of-glass governance, enterprise data protection and compliance across the hybrid multi-cloud.

With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, cloud architects and DevOps can automate the
provisioning of secure enterprise-grade persistent storage volumes.


Enterprise Data Management

  • No single point of failure
  • Consolidated control over multiple clusters
  • Enhanced SLA and guaranteed QoS


Cost Efficiency

  • No need to worry about containers over-consuming cloud resources
  • Lower your TCO by 70%


Higher CI/CD release velocity

  • Provision storage for your Kubernetes clusters in minutes instead of weeks
  • Instantly duplicate and tear down test/dev data environments.


Any Stateful Application

Container Orchestration and Management

Data Orchestration and Management

Any Cloud Platform

What customers say about Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Compared to an engineer doing it manually, it's about 90 percent faster!

Senior Manager at a Manufacturing Company

It replicated the data faster than any other tool that I've seen. That was a big help.

Senior Manager at Tech Firm

We don't have to take care of any updates, upgrades, or configurations. We simply deploy volumes and use them.

Cloud Architect

The data protection is crucial. We are able to recover any data that's been accidentally deleted or corrupted.

Lead Storage Engineer


ic-latency-2Consistent across the hybrid multi-cloud with
single-pane-of-glass management

ic-latency-2Supports all major container orchestrators
(Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm)

ic-latency-2Provision Block (iSCSI) or File (NFS) with dynamic tiering
to Object (S3/blob/GCS)

ic-latency-2Highly automated RESTful API with infrastructure as
Code (IaC) product support

ic-latency-2Integrated with NKS universal Kubernetes cluster
control plane

ic-latency-2Built in HA, DR, snapshots, security tools and 
data compliance