Whether you’re looking to enhance SAP shared files or speed up SAP migrations of traditional and core mission-critical applications to the Azure cloud, Azure NetApp Files is your solution.


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SAP in Azure

SAP on Azure: How to Protect Your Cloud Journey


You’re looking to simplify and protect your cloud journey while reducing IT risk. Azure NetApp Files – a native Microsoft Azure service – provides a simple, fully managed cloud service to help migrate quicker and optimize SAP operations. Built on highly available, robust NetApp storage systems in the Azure data center, you get peace of mind – and enterprise features for you SAP landscapes in Azure.

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Simplify SAP Shared Files Management

Simplify SAP Shared Files Management

SAP workloads are without a doubt the most mission-critical for any organization. Deploying them to Azure requires a comprehensive and simple solution for your shared files and databases.

Get high-performance, low-latency file services without the need for additional dedicated storage management with Azure NetApp Files, an Azure native NFS and SMB file service based on NetApp’s proven and widely adopted data management technology. If you plan to use Azure for your SAP applications, simplify your setup with an enterprise-grade NFS or SMB using Azure NetApp Files.

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Make SAP Migration to the Cloud Easy

Make SAP Migration to the Cloud Easy

A typical challenge with large-sized database environments like SAP HANA is the rapid creation and restoration of backup data. But it's possible to create and store SAP HANA backups in minutes with no performance impact on the storage system.

Accelerate SAP operations and migrations by easily creating and on the fly volume resizing, adapting capacity and performance without downtime, and more.

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“Azure NetApp Files is giving us the ability to, in parallel, start doing SAP HANA testing in the public cloud, which is bringing our timeline forward several years in allowing us to seamlessly deliver solutions to our applications and development teams that are providing healthcare to our end patients.” – McKesson



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SAP HANA Certification with Unrivaled Performance Capabilities

SAP HANA Certification with Unrivaled Performance Capabilities

Azure NetApp Files has achieved SAP HANA certification for production with both scale-up and now scale-out landscapes. That means that, for the first time in the cloud, customers can deploy M+N scale-out HANA databases in Azure. The performance capabilities, unrivaled in the cloud, met the latency KPIs for HANA production, allowing customers to scale their HANA environments larger than any scale-up platform can achieve.

Dig into the details. Read our technical report outlining the different use cases from SAP shared file systems, best practices for leveraging Azure NetApp Files for SAP applications and SAP HANA deployments, and specific performance considerations.

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Azure NetApp Files Pricing for SAP

Azure NetApp Files Pricing for SAP

Azure NetApp Files has three service levels–Standard, Premium, and Ultra–so users can choose the performance that best matches their application requirements. Unlike any other cloud storage, Azure NetApp Files reduces customers’ risk by offering on-demand performance changes without requiring a time-consuming data copy.
With three service levels, you can fine-tune your data performance to the needs of your applications and adjust performance on the fly. Performance for each volume scales with the amount of allocated capacity, so performance is not limited as your dataset grows.
Azure NetApp Files (ANF) is charged per hour based on the provision ANF capacity. Customers can provision a minimum of 4TiB of ANF capacity and then add additional provision capacity in the increments of 1TiB. There are no upfront cost and no termination fees.
Get Your Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Get Your Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Azure NetApp Files is a first-party Microsoft service, so you get best-in-class performance (throughput and latency) delivered fully integrated as a part of the Azure infrastructure. Plus, you consume it from your ELA Azure commit directly via the Azure portal – no extra licenses to worry about.

Get enterprise grade data storage, management, security and protection with the simplicity of an Azure-native service for customers who are moving enterprise workloads – from simple file shares to critical SAP workloads – to Microsoft Azure.

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