On-Demand Webinar

What the Future Holds for Healthcare in the Cloud with NetApp and Microsoft Azure

  • Jeff Luna.png
    Speaker: Jeff Luna

    Microsoft, Azure Applications and Infrastructure Technical Solutions Professional –
    U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • David LaBrosse.png
    Host: David LaBrosse

    NetApp, Global Director –
    Emerging Markets, Healthcare, Life Sciences, & Genomics

NetApp and Microsoft have been working together for more than two decades to provide innovative solutions that make it simpler for healthcare customers to rapidly transform their technology operations. Microsoft and NetApp recognize healthcare organizations are considering large-scale migrations to the cloud to drive agility, improve developer productivity, and leverage CapEx improvements.

During this on-demand webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Azure Security and HIPPA Compliance: The Microsoft Cloud makes file storage and sharing easy and convenient while meeting the healthcare industry standards for security and compliance.
  • Genomics: Raw genomic data sets are large, and scientists and bioinformaticians have long sought ways to reduce the size of the data sets they work with using a combination of data compression and reduction techniques.
  • Azure NetApp Files: With 65% of enterprise workloads still on-premises, organizations are demanding an easy to use, fully managed, native file share service in the Cloud. Learn how Azure NetApp Files can help meet your cloud mandate, moving every workload to the Cloud.


Join healthcare industry experts from Microsoft and NetApp as we discuss the latest research and technology trends impacting hospitals, payer-providers, and research organizations. We will share stories behind the transformation and pull back the covers on the past year of research and development that Microsoft and NetApp have been working on jointly to develop Azure NetApp Files.