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Reduced Latency for your Cloud Workloads with Cloud Volumes ONTAP Intelligent Caching

  • Danny
    Speaker: Danny Tzidony

    Cloud Solutions Architect,

  • oded-berman-netapp
    Host: Oded Berman

    Product Marketing,
    NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Random-read-intensive workloads, such as OLTP databases, demand high performance, which keeps many companies from moving such workloads to the cloud. Find out how NetApp is changing that with NetApp® Flash Cache for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Watch our webinar to see how Flash Cache intelligent caching enables users of Cloud Volumes ONTAP to achieve better rates of performance than is otherwise possible in the cloud. With intelligent caching, that higher performance comes without spending I/O credits and at lower storage cost.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP intelligent caching lets you:

  • Serve a significant amount of I/O from local NVMe storage.
  • Offload processing from storage volumes, making them more efficient.
  • Keep data stored on lower-cost storage volumes without performance drop-offs.

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