Ready, Set…Get in the ring:
Serverless vs. Containers

It’s time! In the battle between serverless computing and containerization, don’t just choose a side. Choose the right solution.

Chances are, if you’re a developer or on a DevOps team, you’ve had a polarizing conversation or two about containers versus serverless. While serverless computing has taken a place as the cool kid on the block, the dialogue and the tech continue to evolve. In this debate, we will expose some fresh perspectives that might surprise you.

Whether you’re #TeamContainers or #TeamServerless, we can all agree that winning the fight means choosing the best solution for your application infrastructure. Flexibility, scalability, speed, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance are just a few of the factors to consider. And there are trade-offs on either side. But this isn’t just an epic fight. It’s a little like Goldilocks and finding a solution that is “just right”.

In the words of our introductory host, UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer, “It’s time!” Join us in the ring as some of the biggest names in the conversation battle it out alongside our panel of experts. Forrest Brazeal, Senior AWS Cloud Architect and noted AWS Serverless Hero will face off against Spot by NetApp Chief Technical Officer and engineer extraordinaire, Kevin McGrath.

We all know this about the “right tool for the right job” but we’ll dig in deeper with our community roundtable to understand how each technology helps teams to deploy applications faster and more cost-effectively. Trust us, this is a matchup you don’t want to miss.

Team Serverless

  • Forrest-Brazeal-Trek10

    Forrest Brazeal

    Director of Content and Community at A Cloud Guru

Forrest is an enterprise cloud architect, speaker, and community advocate. Currently the Director of Content and Community at A Cloud Guru, he spent years designing applications for the cloud at Infor and Trek10. One of the original AWS Serverless Heroes, Forrest was also named one of Jefferson Frank's Top 7 Global AWS Experts in 2019. His first book, "The Read-Aloud Cloud", is a friendly introduction to cloud computing for all ages from Wiley Publishing. He co-chairs ServerlessConf and regularly speaks at workshops and other events in the cloud community. Forrest holds a master’s degree in computer science from Georgia Tech and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional.

Team Containers

  • Kevin-McGrath-1

    Kevin McGrath

    Chief Technology Officer, Spot by NetApp

As the CTO of Spot, Kevin is responsible for researching and evaluating innovative technologies and processes to guide the company’s technology roadmap, leveraging his extensive background in DevOps and in delivering Software as a Service within the communications and IT infrastructure industry. He is well-versed in driving innovation and developing visionary IT strategy. Kevin started his career at USi, the first Application Service Provider (ASP), over 20 years ago. After USi was acquired by AT&T, Kevin served in the office of the CTO at Sungard Availability Services where he specialized in migrating legacy workload to cloud-native and serverless architectures.


  • Moderator-Greg_Knieriemen

    Greg Knieriemen

    Director, Technology Evangelism, NetApp

Greg Knieriemen helps develop and drive the vision and application of NetApp products and solutions. Previously, Greg was the founder of the Speaking in Tech Podcast and has over 15 years of experience using, deploying and marketing enterprise IT solutions.

Industry Roundtable

  • cheryl

    Cheryl Hung

    VP Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation


  • josh_atwell

    Josh Atwell

    Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk


  • kaslin_fields

    Kaslin Fields

    Developer Advocate, Google