Achieve more with MySQL cloud storage

Databases are the foundation of your business. NetApp Cloud Volumes integrates with AWS cloud to achieve automated backups, replication, and failover ensuring your database is highly available and flexible—meeting your performance needs.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a self-managed storage service that deploys on native cloud resources. It provides fast and cost-effective storage that is highly available with integrated features such as space-saving snapshots, easy-backup, data-privacy scanning, ransomware protection, and remote data caching.

    Create your intelligent storage layer to make your cloud applications run faster and more efficiently with:

    • Shared File and Block storage services on top of native AWS EBS and S3 and supporting all versions of NFS, SMB and iSCSI.
    • High availability (RPO=0) architecture that prevents downtime and efficient data replication across regions for disaster recovery.
    • Higher IOPS than EBS at 70% lower storage cost due to storage efficiencies and cold-data tiering to S3.
    • Advanced management and automation using Cloud Manager with consistent features and APIs across clouds.
    • Instant, non-disruptive cloning of production data for accelerated application development, testing and QA.
  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

    Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is a native AWS managed service delivering block and file storage for Windows and Linux instances. Meet performance, data management, and security demands while leveraging NetApp’s suite of enterprise-grade data services—all nestled in an AWS experience.

    With capabilities for performant workloads, enterprise databases, and data protection, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP can run primary applications, extend on-prem to cloud for backup and DR, develop and test faster, and be consumed by born in the cloud applications. Swiftly integrate key NetApp cloud services to improve service levels and access all the native AWS services you've come to love.

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