Disaster Recovery

Fast and cost-effective secondary copy of your ONTAP data in the cloud

Keep Applications Online - Eliminate Data Loss

Moving your applications to the cloud doesn’t ensure 100% uptime. Site and service outages can occur and can impact application and data availability. A proper disaster recovery plan can help prevent unwanted availability issues and data loss. The right cloud storage will include built-in capabilities to keep your applications online and data safe.



Replicate data quickly and efficiently to the cloud or between clouds.



Ensure the reliability of your DR environment with higher availability and risk-free testing.


Cost Efficiency

Secondary storage in the cloud can get expensive.



Put your secondary storage to work and do more with your investment.



Failing over to your secondary site and getting your data back online should be quick and painless.


Security and Compliance

Ensure your secondary site is secure and able to protect against malware and data corruption.

Why NetApp Cloud Volumes for Disaster Recovery

All enterprise data platforms require a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment to ensure that business-critical applications can be rapidly restored in the event of a major outage. Cloud Volumes makes it easier and faster to create an up-to-date secondary copy of your ONTAP data or your NetApp HCI data on the cloud while paying less for updates and storage.

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    Efficient block- level replication between ONTAP storage is fast and efficient, with granular recovery points for both DR and backup.

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    Cost Efficiency

    Minimize secondary storage cost through data reduction, both in transit and in-place, combined with cold data tiering to lower cost object storage.

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    Eliminate risk and disruption to your production environment by using space efficient clones on your secondary storage.

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    Secondary data is stored in native format, allowing for data reuse to support production workloads, like test/dev.

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    Bring your remote data online quickly and easily, without having to move, import, or transform your data.

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    Security and Compliance

    Analysis of data to provide insights into location and protection of private data; Inline and in-place encryption

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a self-managed advanced storage offering deployed in your choice of cloud infrastructure to give you
added control and data efficiency. It includes the full power of NetApp ONTAP, including the rich, integrated data protection 
capabilities of our enterprise storage systems.

  • You can deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP as part of a cloud only DR solution or as a hybrid cloud DR solution when used with NetApp storage on-premises to make your cloud infrastructure smarter and faster.

    • Shared File and Block storage services on top of native block and object storage and supporting all versions of NFS, SMB and iSCSI.
    • High availability (RPO=0) architecture that prevents downtime and efficient data replication across regions for disaster recovery.
    • Higher IOPS than native block storage at 70% lower storage cost due to storage efficiencies and cold-data tiering to object storage.
    • Advanced management and automation using Cloud Manager with consistent features and APIs across clouds.
    • Instant, non-disruptive cloning of production data for accelerated application development, testing and QA.
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