Fast and cost-effective data management and protection for your
applications in the cloud

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Application-driven Cloud Data Operations

As you shift to a cloud native architecture, you need to ensure that your data stays protected, secure, compliant and cost-effective.

A proper DevOps data management toolset helps prevent unwanted downtime and data loss issues and automates common workflows. You need the right suite of data services with built-in capabilities to provide your applications with fast and reliable access to data wherever they are.



High performance storage provisioning for your applications whenever and wherever required.



Ensure the reliability of data environments with high-availability and zero data loss.


Cost eficiency

Pay less for cloud data with industry-leading storage efficiencies and intelligent cost optimization.



Accelerate CI/CD with automated volume provisioning and instant data cloning.



The cloud infrastructure is abstracted so that you don’t have to worry about how data is stored.



Move data seamlessly from on-premises to cloud, across zones, regions and between clouds.

Why NetApp Cloud Volumes Platform

Application data needs to be controlled throughout the development cycles to ensure that it is protected, highly available, backed-up, compliant and optimized for cost and performance. Cloud Volumes Platform gives you access to a collection of NetApp data and storage services that enable you to stay in control of your application data and automate your data operations.

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Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

Provisioning for containerized applications with built-in enterprise grade data protection automated with Ansible, Terraform and other IaC tools.

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CI/CD Acceleration

Instantly replicate your production, test and staging data environments in multiple different locations without having to re-create them.

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High-Availability for Databases

High-availability infrastructure out-of-the-box enables you to effortlessly meet your database uptime SLAs.

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Data Protection

“Set-and-forget” policies for snapshots, backups, encryption, ransomware protection and data privacy.

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Disaster Recovery

Cost effective cross-region data replication in application-native format.

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Hybrid Multicloud

Unified controls and APIs for application data residing on-premises, on AWS, on Azure and on Google Cloud.


NetApp Cloud Volumes Platform

Cloud Volumes Platform is a one-stop-shop for modernized data management anywhere.

Cloud Volumes Platform provides you with centralized control over your data across the hybrid multicloud enabling an organization-wide shift to a data-centric strategy. Instead of investing more and more resources, time and money managing cloud data environments and services, you can start really leveraging your data to accelerate business growth and innovation.

  • Provision unified storage volumes that abstract the underlying cloud resources. They’re the same no matter where your data resides.
  • Powered by ONTAP, the world’s #1 storage OS enhancing your modernized workloads with enterprise-grade data protection.
  • Data storage is optimized for high performance at low costs enabling your organization to get more cloud for less cost.
  • NetApp’s cloud data services provide a variety of data-related functions such as mobility, classification, optimization and insights, as well as development tools.
  • These services can be applied for data residing on different cloud environments as well as and on-premises datacenters giving a seamless hybrid multicloud experience.
  • This centralized approach enables IT and Security teams to enforce enterprise-wide data management and protection policies consistently no matter where the data resides.
  • Multi-tenancy enables different access and self-service operations for different user roles. The manual repetitive data management operations are eliminated thanks to API automation.