Achieve more with MySQL cloud storage

Databases are the foundation of your business. NetApp Cloud Volumes integrates with Google Cloud to achieve automated backups, replication, and failover ensuring your database is highly available and flexible—meeting your performance needs.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a self-managed storage service that deploys on native cloud resources. It provides fast and cost-effective storage that is highly available with integrated features such as space-saving snapshots, easy-backup, data-privacy scanning, ransomware protection, and remote data caching.


    Create your intelligent storage layer to make your cloud applications run faster and more efficiently with:

    • Shared File and Block storage services on top of native GCP Persistent Disks and Cloud Storage and supporting all versions of NFS, SMB and iSCSI.
    • High availability (RPO=0) architecture that prevents downtime and efficient data replication across regions for disaster recovery.
    • Higher IOPS than Persistent Disks at 70% lower storage cost due to storage efficiencies and cold-data tiering to Cloud Storage.
    • Advanced management and automation using Cloud Manager with consistent features and APIs across clouds.
    • Instant, non-disruptive cloning of production data for accelerated application development, testing and QA.
  • Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

    Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is a fully managed cloud service able to deliver extreme performance meeting the needs of the most demanding databases. Built for the cloud architect and MySQL admin Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud offers flash performance for NFS and SMB protocols with dual-protocol access as needed.


    Your organization can access the performance and capacity necessary for a wide range of MySQL database services. With just a few mouse clicks you can:

    • Eliminate the challenge of configuring and managing high-performance cloud storage.
    • Connect your Linux and Windows applications with SMBv3 and NFS (v3, v4.1).
    • Achieve millisecond latency and over 250k IOPs on your choice of performance tiers and guaranteed SLAs.
    • Consume storage as you need it via the cloud provider console or native cloud APIs.
    • Move data to & from on-premises or other repositories via NetApp Cloud Sync
    • Create efficient snapshots with advanced volume copies to prevent data loss or corruption and experience guaranteed nine 9s of durability.

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