Deploying Oracle database on AWS

Deploy Oracle on AWS with Cloud Volumes Service, a native cloud storage service, or NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, a self-managed storage service.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a self-managed storage service that deploys on native cloud resources. It provides fast and cost-effective storage that is highly available with integrated features such as space-saving snapshots, easy-backup, data-privacy scanning, ransomware protection, and remote data caching.


    Create your intelligent storage layer to make your cloud applications run faster and more efficiently with:

    • Shared File and Block storage services on top of native AWS EBS and S3 and supporting all versions of NFS, SMB and iSCSI.
    • High availability (RPO=0) architecture that prevents downtime and efficient data replication across regions for disaster recovery.
    • Higher IOPS than EBS at 70% lower storage cost due to storage efficiencies and cold-data tiering to S3.
    • Advanced management and automation using Cloud Manager with consistent features and APIs across clouds.
    • Instant, non-disruptive cloning of production data for accelerated application development, testing and QA.
  • Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

    Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a fully managed storage service for AWS users designed for performance, simplicity, and enterprise data management. Built for the cloud architect and application owner, it delivers on-premises flash performance and advanced storage functionality with the simplicity of native cloud services.


    Spin up a fully managed storage volume in minutes with zero-touch management and advanced features:

    • Achieve millisecond latency and over 250k IOPs.
    • Shrink infrastructure and license costs up to 60% by using smaller vms to achieve the same performance.
    • Backup and restore a running instance in minutes rather than hours to accelerate data recovery.
    • Rapidly create volume clones in minutes rather than days to speed application development.
    • Optimize cost and performance, "volume shaping", by scaling capacity and/or performance at run-time.
    • Connect your Linux and Windows applications with NFS (v3, v4.1) and Oracle Direct NFS file access.
    • Experience guaranteed performance, availability and durability.

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