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AWS User? Start Saving on Storage with our new AWS Cloud Assessment

We’re excited about our new Cloud Assessment tool for AWS and to show you why, we’re inviting you to join our on-demand webinar where we’ll demonstrate all its capabilities.

NetApp’s Cloud Volumes leads the industry in terms of performance and robust data protection. Now our free Cloud Assessment tool closes yet another cloud management gap: alerting you to the unused Amazon EBS volumes and snapshots that are bloating your monthly cloud bill.

Watch as we scan an AWS account and show you how to find:

  • Amazon EBS volumes associated with terminated Amazon EC2 instances that are still being paid for.
  • Obsolete Amazon EBS volume snapshots that are no longer serving data protection needs.
  • Data protection vulnerabilities: Amazon EBS volumes with missing snapshot schedules and average RPO.
  • img-oded.png
    Oded Berman

    Product Marketing, Host Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • img-oren.png
    Oren Inbar

    Product Manager Cloud Volumes ONTAP

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