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Success Story with NetApp ONTAP Cloud

Wirestorm Innovations Delivers Efficient DevOps in the Cloud

Boutique service provider Wirestorm needed to automate its DevOps process, and turned to ONTAP Cloud for help. Using the NetApp FlexClone technology was vital to Wirestorm's development and testing, helping reduce the time required to deliver solutions to clients.

NetApp's framework also enabled Wirestorm to automate so efficiently that it can implement in the cloud in a fraction of the time. What previously could take 20 hours now takes less than a minute! 

Read the ONTAP Cloud case study to learn how NetApp helped Wirestorm:
NetApp OTC Wirestorm Success Story.png

  • Lower the total cost of ownership of AWS 
  • Automate  processes on the premises and in the cloud to save time for DevOps
  • Dramatically reduce the total number of services required by using FlexClones
  • Rapidly and consistently build applications in any cloud 


>> Click Here to Read the Full Wirestorm Innovations Case Study <<

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