Getting Your Data to the Cloud: DIYwp-picture-1.png

Using Amazon S3 lets you take advantage of a range of other AWS services. It's also widely used as a secondary data copy for organizations looking to protect their data in case of failures.

Yet, much of the data that needs to be exposed to these services or synced into Amazon S3 for data protection reasons exists on multiple servers and file shares.  

To leverage this data in Amazon S3, you need a mechanism for copying it into Amazon S3 buckets and keeping it incrementally synchronized as changes occur. 

Download this white paper to get an in-depth overview of:

  • Key considerations for using a DIY solution to move data to the cloud
  • 4 tools that can transfer data to and from Amazon S3
  • How NetApp Cloud outperforms other tools in terms of setup, performance, ease of use and feature set


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