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NetApp ONTAP Cloud

Enterprise-class data storage management in the cloud with non-disruptive, high-availability operation.

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The best of on-premise and cloud storage environments.

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NetApp ONTAP - Tried and Trusted

The NetApp ONTAP software platform is a known and trusted storage solution for a reason:

It has been tested for many years by thousands of companies, from the smallest to the very largest,in truly enterprise production environments.

Similar Interface: Maintain Existing Processes
Rather than lose features, new capabilities are added, extending the existing maturity of the organization’s processes into the cloud era. Nothing is lost; there is only gain.
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Powerful Cloud Management Tools
Spin up new instances quickly, align infrastructure spending with the life of a project, add remote disaster recovery options for your data, test and develop rapidly, move data between locations easily, and much more.

About NetApp

Throughout the world, leading organizations count on NetApp for software, systems and services to store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious assets: their data. We enable enterprises, service providers and partners to envision, deploy, and evolve their IT environments. Customers benefit from our open collaboration with other technology leaders to create the specific solutions they need. We were incorporated in 1992 and created the world’s first networked storage appliance. Today, we offer a portfolio of products and services that satisfy a broad range of customer workloads across different data types and deployment models.