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Wirestorm Success Story:
Automated DevOps and Cost Reduction Across Multiple Clouds

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“When I look at a platform that allows me to do an end-to-end solution all the way up to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure, deploying applications in under a minute, that’s a very powerful platform” (Abdul Masri, CEO of Wirestorm)

In this on-demand webinar, watch and learn how Wirestorm, an innovative technology service provider, managed to do it all with NetApp’s ONTAP Cloud, in AWS and Azure.

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  • Abdul Masri, CEO, Wirestorm
  • Nick Burke, Sr.DevOps Architect, Wirestorm
  • Kevin Hill, Cloud Solutions Architect, NetApp

About Wirestorm:

Wirestorm is a boutique service provider that builds and implements business intelligence, big data, enterprise mobility applications, cloud computing, application development, and technical staffing solutions for clients.

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